To build all-around empathy for the end-user, craft different persona libraries for different audiences.

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Personas are getting increasingly more attention as an essential tool in using human-centered design to drive better business outcomes. Work by Forrester Research has repeatedly shown that effective use of personas during product development exponentially increases revenue. Creating your own library of personas takes some effort but isn’t difficult. Snazzy…

Usability commandment #2: Thou art not the consumer of the style guide

I have written or co-authored more company style guides than I have fingers upon which to count them. In the shadows of every effort has been that one guy wearing a surly look and muttering “but no one will ever use it” as he shifts back and forth impatiently. I…

I’ve used the expression “first commandment of usability” in many conversations over the years. I decided to put them down in a list… because UX and humor can mix, right?

Thou art not the user

#1 Thou art not the user

Neither thou, nor thy product managers, nor thy developers should start sentences with “But users want…”. Thou knowest not.

#2 Thou shalt not play the role of the user.

If thou art pretending to be the user or if thou imagineth what “users will say” then thou might not be testing thy designs properly.

# 3 Thou shalt not design in a vacuum.

Thy product managers, business analysts, and…

Moderating mistakes I’ve made and how I fix them

remote user testing using screen sharing

Working in Healthcare IT, I’ve had the luxury of doing lots of remote user testing. For the past 5 years, working both B2C and B2B, I’ve regularly been able to share a working prototype with users via WebEx, give them keyboard & mouse control, and observe how they interact.


Plenty of instructional content on how to incorporate UX into an agile working model already exists online. I’m not concerned with how to do agile UX. Doing agile UX will look differently at any given company no matter how rigorously the team has been trained in proper agile methodology.


Caroline Keem

UX Designer and researcher

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